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Therapeutic Services - Massage Therapy

 0.5 session $50,
20-25 min therapeutic massage

• typically with focus on 1 specific area

1.0 session $90,
45-50 min therapeutic massage

• typically with focus on 2 areas or a larger muscle group

1.5 session $120,
75-80 min therapeutic massage

• typically with focus on 2-3 areas or larger muscle groups

*Rock Tape is available in conjunction with your therapy. Speak with your therapist to discuss pricing.

*New Client sessions are scheduled as a 1.5 session. This is so we have adequate time to discuss client history, current issues, session expectations, etc. Pricing will be adjusted to the new client rate.


 0.5 session $25,
Game Ready, Cold & Compression Therapy System

• simultaneously delivers both cold therapy and intermittent compression

Personal training

$50 per session
• Package discounts available
• Introductory special. First time clients can receive a free consultation and a one time training session for only $25.
• Please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Rock Taping

0.5 session $30,
practitioner supplied tape

0.5 session $20,
client supplied tape

*If client has not been previously assessed/seen by practitioner, more time may be needed to assess the proper taping needs resulting in additional cost.
*Rock Tape available for sale at musclewrx location.

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Simply choose your session type, date & time, provide your contact information and you will be emailed a confirmation. If you prefer to make your appointment with us over the phone, or if you have additional questions, we will be glad to take your call.

Therapeutic Services

Every person’s body is different! So with that in mind everyone responds, requires, and desires different types of therapy with different goals in mind. With that being the case we offer fully customizable sessions to our clients. After a thorough intake we can work together to devise a personal bodywork plan with you in mind. Most clients often benefit from a “hybrid” type therapy session that will include several of the offered modalities.


Neuromuscular Therapy


Myofascial Release


Trigger Point Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage


Corrective Exercise Programs


Sports Massage


Active/Passive Stretching


Game Ready Recovery System


Fascial Taping

Personal Training

Similar to therapeutic side of things, different people have different goals. That is why we also offer several variations of training. So whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or you just want to feel good when you move, we can develop a personal plan just for you. Utilizing the services listed here we can get you where you want to be.


Corrective Exercise Programs


1 on 1 Training


Small Group Training


Stretching Programs


Nutritional Coaching


Take Home Programs


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